stolen lessons from Ariadne

This place we now live in is a maze.

An unrecognizable place: a rift between

time and space, living and dying, waking

and dreaming. Not a real existence anymore.

I have said I don’t want to be here.

Don’t want to be the one left remembering.

Don’t want to be the person left holding

the final threads.

Yet here I am, holding up the roof with them.

Keeping the rain from pouring in while you

hold the empty cup lost in your private labyrinth.

I am not strong enough, patient enough, skilled enough

to do this.

And once again, I am the one left behind.

But this time it is different. I’m left holding

a thickening bundle of threads that leads me nowhere

but leads you into a world of Shadows.

Outside of mind and place: this is your final adventure.

I can follow only part way… safe guarding your memories,

your dreams, your accomplishments.

In these last days, I am your ears, your eyes,

your tongue and even your feet as nature

strips you of them one by one.

This is our legacy of parting, this bundle of memories

I hold that represents our long goodbye.

You slowly cross this liminal threshold

clock hands spinning backwards

just the tock-tick sound of the unwinding spindle.

I watch as you slowly unlearn yourself, become

free and unfettered.

Returning to that innocence we once wished

so desperately to outgrow.

It has come down to counting crumbs and marking hours.

Each of us making our final sacrifices.

Both drawing our last cleansing breathes

before your great escape.

2013, by c. m. brooks


~ by christinambrooks on January 8, 2013.

4 Responses to “stolen lessons from Ariadne”

  1. This is one of those moments in my reader’s life that I am left stunned by the world of poetry, by the what people seem to prefer. I read this, to myself aloud, and savor the syllables, the word choice, and the sentiments, which wander through the realms of public and personal, back and forth seamlessly, never giving one too much or too little. I don’t mean to sound equivocal in my praise, but that is unfortunately difficult to avoid when dealing with philosophical journeys, and more so when those journeys are undertaken in the form of a relationship. At the beginning of this ramble, I said I was stunned, and the reason for that is how under appreciated this poem seems to be compared to the bewildering level of prince-charming tripe I’ve had to choke down today. Not to sound bitter, but I’ve been looking for poetic inspiration all night and have found instead an overwhelming excess of cliches and the comments that praise them as “Deep” and “Profound.” So, I guess what I’m saying is…thank you. Thank you for offering what I seek. I think I’ll stalk through your posts for while.

  2. Hi Chris,
    I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Go here:


  3. Thank you Eva. I’m sorry I had not seen your comment till last night. I’m honored.

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