life is a möbius strip

We are linked together, end to end,
one being, overlapping in the middle.
And for a long time this was unconscious,
we ran on automatic.

But as you’ve aged, your mind unraveling,
life coming to an end, the connection has
become transparent. It is a clear pool we
both drink from. Profound in it’s simplicity.
We fill in each other’s gaps in a way
I could have never imagined.

I have become your voice, your hands,
your will. And in my acceptance of the losses
your silence and your calm have become
my strength.
Love woven together years ago, then frayed,
has woven itself together again.
Compassion has re-awakened the old
link we had as you near the final conclusion.

I have leaned on you for so long
it has become second nature to me.
When we met, you were my mentor,
my guide, my everything. Now our roles
have been reversed.
You depend on me utterly for all the outer things.
But I still depend on you for the inner ones.
In the end, it is simple trust that holds us

“What goes around comes around”, they say.
A statement more true than we could
know. You have gone forward then back again.
Life has twisted you back to the beginning.
A snake swallowing it’s own tail.
You will end at the starting point.

Peace has descended on me as I walk
these final steps with you. Around
this never ending circle.
The Universe has become very small and luminous.

And when you said, there was magic treasure
here for us to find
I realize that there really is… there really is.

February 13, 2013 c. m. brooks/ river run


~ by christinambrooks on February 13, 2013.

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