At the small park along the river

we are walking

water’s edge brick work, a safe crossing

here there is IMMERSION


Points of a compass laid out flat

Am I face up or face down?

I have no sense of direction.

I am honing my senses, my ability to see.


I look up to see the stars are gone

Blank canvas

this is where we launch our boats

into the river, TRANSPARENCY

fluid motion, clear stream, movement.


We cannot stay in one place.


Behind me. someone says the place

is dedicated to Hart Crane.

I make notes, scribe. Discernment.

I see mosaic, movement.

I think: origins, birthplace, BEGINNING.

This mandala of time is one we must cross over

Or be  LOST AT SEA   or   NOT BE.

We have failed to enter the stream

Are we Streamless yet?


Things need to fit together to be seen-


This is the rest of the journey

I am not seem-less yet…

I wish to be.


July 12, 2013,  by c.m. brooks


~ by christinambrooks on July 12, 2013.

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