salt of the earth

A poem regarding Lot’s wife.


Amid the hail of rocks and falling cinder

neighbor’s cries echoing in my ears

today we are told to walk away, to just

leave this city I was born and raised in.


Taught to help friends and family to look 

after the weak and the helpless, I tried 

to set an example for those who were lost. 

I was a believer in a merciful God.


But today we are told to walk away. That 

God’s wrath is to be visited on us. “Be fruitful 

and multiply”, you had said. “God’s covenant 

with man”, you had promised. 


Will there be no rainbow today in the Valley of Siddim?

No clemency for the lost or the sinners? Will 

there be no compassion or mercy for the children,

the unborn, the elderly, the “poorest of the poor”?


Dear God, how can I not look back? 

How can anyone of us not look back? 



c.m. brooks 11-2-13


~ by christinambrooks on November 3, 2013.

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