where they hide


Lost voices hide in protected 

places, away from wind and 

weather, in window wells of 

old farmhouses, hidden out 

of the rain like a dog with a 

brood of pups, they hide from 

broken romances and lost jobs, 

unrequited love, the unexpected 

death in the family.


But they need to be coaxed and 

prodded back into civilization, back 

into the rush-hour traffic, back into 

the hard decisions, and loud arguments, 

back into the sleepless nights, back 

into the tears of denial, back into those 

unsafe places that need to feel safe again.

Back into the arms of those who need



May they find themselves in the prayers 

of the lonely, in the solidarity of the woe 

begotten, in the company of all other lost 

voices, may they feel safety in numbers, 

may they find solace in the knowledge 

that they are only misdirected not unloved, 

because there are lost voices that have 

found their way home, they don’t stay lost 

forever, they don’t stay lost forever.



Dec. 4, 2013. c.m. brooks



~ by christinambrooks on December 4, 2013.

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