unworn path

I try to lean into the clear, bright moments

when things align and barriers fall, 

when realizations hang like ripe fruit.

Here in this sun-lit sky, in my heart,

life is uncomplicated and free.


But the abyss still beckons… 

it’s faint echo like a siren song wants

to draw me in, hold me in this empty place 

where there is nothing for me.

It whispers,“you are not ready yet”, and

“don’t give up hope, keep trying.”


But I tire of the darkness, the false hope, 

I tire of the gray road that leads to nowhere.

This hope clings like a spider’s web,

it leads to a place of suffocating shadows.

Time to now follow the light, time to walk 

in the orchard and allow myself the joy 

of really living.


Bring me the courage to pick the unfamiliar fruit

and the open road. Help me to let go of what 

I can not change. To walk away from the unloved

in my life. Help me to set aside fear and the longing. 

It is time to step into the unknown and trust 

the unworn path. 



December 16, 2013 c.m. brooks


~ by christinambrooks on December 16, 2013.

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