where you will find me

The black-winged crow is 

my apprentice.


In the sun I am the blue feathered, 

green feathered, red.


Fleet-winged traveler in solitude.

I hang over rough-edged parapets,

glide grass of asian steppes,

ride boulders, chill backbones.


Tonight, I will dance between the 

mouths of lovers, dry the tears 

of mourners, lick embers into flame.


I will stir the leaves into a frenzy. 

Then in winter’s icy grip,

sing the moon’s praise. 


In spring, give me the purple Finch’s flight, 

the young bees bumbled delight

and I will bend the willow fronds to

to touch the stream.


I will be with you at your first gasp,

and I will humbly hold you in your dying breath.


In the deep heat of summer 

I retire into the caves depth awaiting you. 


There is a jar by the door 

that they keep me in. 


Open it and listen for me.



~ by christinambrooks on December 19, 2013.

One Response to “where you will find me”

  1. This poem is SO lovely! 🙂

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