Pond Wisdom

I am thankful for this afternoon’s sun
It is warm and clear but not oppressive
like the heat of August.
September has turned into a healing month
but it is taking time to find this new groove.
Sitting by the pond in the shade of a pin oak reading
I see painted turtles basking in the sun.
They have lined themselves up on the half-sunken logs
a procession of a dozen or so sleek black shells reflecting
in the water.
Any movement I make and they quickly bolt.
If I remain still, one by one they resurface
and retake their respective places in the scheme of things.
I forget a lot of things in life are like that.
Precious things, often simple things, come into view
when we finally sit still, observe and listen.
And finally today I do just that.

c.m. brooks 2014


~ by christinambrooks on September 7, 2014.

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