Ruminations on a Golden Eye


“Half Light” By Robert Coby


A ring-eyed golden stare
looking into a knothole
forty feet up an ancient
black oak.

Great horned owl
eyes her prey moments
before life ends.


Orion’s spur cradles us
like a young child
yellow dwarf
neither large nor bright
Our Sun, welcoming
and small
glowing speck
in a greater mystery.


Lens peering closer
narrowly focused
on a moment of turning.
Sperm meets egg
jellied life,
fluid, changing.


What are you?
Dug from an ancient ruin.
Carefully selected for the
long voyage.
Alien life, asleep in the sand
What do you see
now that you are awakened?

By Christina M. Brooks, June 25,2016



~ by christinambrooks on June 26, 2016.

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