If Vladimir Putin Wrote Poetry

I want to imagine that Putin
is a romantic and that he writes
poetry by candlelight.

That he dresses serruptitiously
in a velvet suit with a ruffed
collar like Cervantes.

I’d like to imagine he may be fluent
in Greek and perhaps
conversational in French.

I want to think he is a bad boy
but that underneath it all
he likes the feel of silk.

That for all his erudition he likes
to still seduce the ladies with
cheesy pick up lines.

I wonder if he loves to play with
alliteration? Or, whether he
prefers traditional rhyme?

Is he a fan of Bukowski, Dickenson
or Wilde? Or is Rumi, Basho
and Tagore more his style?

I want to take his tough guy
routine as bluster because
he doesn’t want people
to know he really loves
to write senryu.

April 26, 2017 By c.m. brooks


~ by christinambrooks on April 26, 2017.

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