blue land

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there is a blue land at the end I think.

a moonlit path across the shimmering
water, spirit caught up in its radiance.

I am swept up in this silent wonder,
this enveloping sanctuary of light.

Sept. 9, 2017 by c.m.brooks


stone heart

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I had never considered that a full heart
could become heavy.

That there would come a time it
would feel itself a burden.

A small bird carrying a stone with nowhere
for its contents to soar or land.

August 28th, 2017 by c. m. brooks

Bardo Meditation for a friend

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For Christie

They say that just the act
of reciting the prayers
will help you. I hope so.

Thrown out of the world,
your candle blown out,
suspended in the dark of timelessness.

Listen closely for my prayers,
reach up and grab the golden thread.
Look for the Light, the ground of Being.

Follow it to the thousand petaled lotus.
Smell it’s fragrance and step thru
just as the bright blossom begins to open.

The World wind is still and there is no
firm ground beneath you.
But trust and have no fear.

Bow to it all, both the pleasure
and the pain. Listen intently for the Lion’s roar.
Feel your connection to Eternity.

“It is the truth that liberates
not the effort to be free.”
All you need to do is let go
and remember who you really are.


Aug. 25, 2017 By c.m. brooks

alternate universe

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In an alternate universe
things would be different
your memories would not disappear
but be written on your skin
a bold palette at your fingertips
indelibly imprinted
unfading in the light of time

In an alternate universe
my world would be different
your love written on my heart
unwavering, with ink-stained certainty
no doubts, no obstacles
no regrets to surmount
unquestioned like the rising sun

7- 20-17  by c. m. brooks


three-way frog sex

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In the pond
light plays on light,
shadow on shadow

high summer
turns on hot, humid

Under the light
of a billions year old
the primordeal pond
is swirling with life.

The microbial panoply
lit by June’s strawberry
moon and underneath
the reflected darkness
of bog grasses.

And the frogs…
the frogs… they play
under and among
the lily pads
clutched in a slippery
males singing noisily
expelling their
milkiness across
the ivory thighs
of their lovers.

By  c.m. brooks, July 2, 2017

The once in a century storm

•June 11, 2017 • 1 Comment

“I thought such awful thoughts that I cannot even say them out loud
because they would make Jesus want to drink gin straight out of the cat dish.”
~ Anne Lamott

Reading her words I knew
she too was a softened soul
who had walked
the same, tortured journey.

Who life had driven up
onto the unexpected shoals
tossed and beaten…
buffeted by an enormous gale.

A “once in a century”
storm that throws you
to the edges of yourself,
in a singular moment.

Where life asks you for the
agonizing affirmation,
“do you still wish
to continue this?”

And after a prolonged
silence, knowing,
the inevitable outcome,
unwaiveringly you still say,

June 11, 2017

May seduction

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Coaxed by spring’s wet warmth
May sprouts forth
blushing with pink seduction.

~c.m. brooks