feeling for the edge

•July 3, 2016 • Leave a Comment

It has been three years since this hole opened up
and I have yet to find the edge of it.

People have stopped asking me about you or how I feel.
Do I miss you, have I moved on?
And that is a good thing because on many days I don’t know.

Your brother, Roger, asked me a year ago
to write something for the cottage memorial book.
A few words about who you were.

All I can do is stare down into this hole
feel for the edge and wonder if I am ready
to explore its depth.

And this morning again my heart says
I am still not ready.

By c.m.brooks , July 3, 2016

Ruminations on a Golden Eye

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“Half Light” By Robert Coby


A ring-eyed golden stare
looking into a knothole
forty feet up an ancient
black oak.

Great horned owl
eyes her prey moments
before life ends.


Orion’s spur cradles us
like a young child
yellow dwarf
neither large nor bright
Our Sun, welcoming
and small
glowing speck
in a greater mystery.


Lens peering closer
narrowly focused
on a moment of turning.
Sperm meets egg
jellied life,
fluid, changing.


What are you?
Dug from an ancient ruin.
Carefully selected for the
long voyage.
Alien life, asleep in the sand
What do you see
now that you are awakened?

By Christina M. Brooks, June 25,2016


shift of wavelength

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Snail shells piled
into cast off mounds.
for their soft gelatinous

The Phoenicians milked
the snails for their slime.
A careful alchemy
of sunlight, water and time.
For the rare bit of purple
they could bring
into ho hum, life.

Ancient dye pots are empty
of the purple rain
we came to stand beneath
in awe.

Life has lifted you,
but elevated us with your talent.
The way you transfixed us,
oh, purple Prince transcending
into ultraviolet.

By c.m. brooks


hit and run

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Metaphors running off to
join the foreign legion.
Catch phrases taking flying leap
off the nearest cliff.

When I’m reading other poet’s poems
their metaphors are wearing Spanx
and fishnet stockings.
Their phrases turn on 6-inch stilettos,
strut and say “how’s about it big boy.”

While mine are lying languid
on the curbside with their peasant skirts
upturned. Hit and runs
of the local 3:15 bus to Lafayette.

5-14-16 by c. m.brooks

Three Years Later

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The happy things that come to mind
are the things I focus on.
The past otherwise feels bruised
and unloving. But it is no longer that dark
corner it once was when caring for you
seemed such a struggle.

The memories where the sun glints in
and illumines the suspended dust of a life,
a remembered hike along Lake Michigan
or our trip to Cambridge, the Bronze Buddha
rising up out of the fog on Lantau Island.

Those are the memories that now float to the surface
without effort. Memories I wished had been less distant
to sustain me in our darkness
when losing you was closer than I realized.

May 13, 2016 by c.m. brooks


•April 18, 2016 • 1 Comment


We say that we would give
it all for love. Do we really know
what we are asking for?

Love will demand for you to give it all
every jot and every tittle
every last hope to which you cling.

And after it has asked for this
it will ask again for more, reaching
down for those hopes laying hidden.

Love will gut them from your heart,
chill that faint glowing ember, dash
the last lingering expectation.

Love will ask for even those.

April 18, 2016 By c.m.brooks

image of two poets

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image of two poets

[two men] posing for the camera
you don’t have to know the subjects
individuals, separate but together

each photograph, a conjunction of profiles
their very squareness Beat geometry
Ginsberg, Orlovsky at right angles
to one another

on a trip to India, informal, affectionate
casually taken images
lengthy captions written on each print

aware of the lens, what it can do
the intensity of a gaze, length of the shadows
nest-like appearance of his own beard
sage, sexy, dapper, dandy…


April 15, 2016
 By cm. brooks